About the King of Crates

The King of Crates stands for high quality used “fruit crates”. For years, these crates has been used for harvesting apples. In the crates have always been 15-20 kg apples. The creates are A-quality, strong, firm and stable. The fruit crates are easy to paint and can be used for creative, interior or garden purposes. For example cabinets, tables, decoration in shops and restaurants or as a crate on your bike. Also very suitable for vegetable gardens.

All fruit crates are kept dry and are equipped with a quality proof from the King of Crates. The color and user tracks are different in each crate, but gives it a beautiful vintage look.

How did it all start?

How the King of Crateswas created
For years we have been living in a disposable society. Products like shoes and coffee tables will only last a few months or a few years. Anything that is broken or no longer needed is thrown away and replaced by something new. Luckily, though, environmental consciousness is rising every day and creative ways are being devised to contribute to sustainability. In this trend brought back the idea of “Upcycling.”

Upcycling is different than recycling. When something is recycled, an old and used object is made into a new material. For example, used paper that is made into fresh paper or old plastic bottles that are melted to make new ones. Upcycling, on the other hand, breathes new life into old materials. In this way, old objects that are no longer used can be given value and a new meaning. Upcycling is greener than recycling. The process of recycling consumes a lot of energy, whereas upcycling simply transforms an old item into a new, useful object. Anyone can do it, you just need to give your creativity room to grow, for example by using Do-It-Yourself sites, Pinterest, or newspapers at your Grandma’s house.

This is also how it started for me when I first began living in the city of Groningen as a student. Finding a good bookshelf that would fit under my elevated bed was proving impossible, until my mother came up with the idea of stacking 4 old “fruit crates” to create a bookshelf. It was both stylish and practical! These 4 crates served for years as a bookshelf, TV cabinet and even for moving my belongings. Even my friends, family and classmates thought it was a great idea to use the crates for indoor and outdoor purposes.

In searching for crates it soon became clear that they were often sold as exports with fruit inside, and then traditionally thrown on the Easter bonfire. What a shame that these great crates were used as a waste product whilst they were so functional for interior and garden purposes! The media and science is also full of waste recycling, and (I?) found the term “upcycling” fitting for the crates. Upcycling is actually nothing more than giving a waste product a new function. Just like in my case, giving a “fruit crate” (waste product) a new function as a bookshelf.

I was crazy about this concept of “upcycling” for the “fruit crates”, and in this way 4 crates quickly because many more crates in my tiny student room to sell to friends, family and classmates. Through word of mouth this rapidly got out of hand, and everyone began shouting “Ha, there is the King of Crates again!” I decided then to set up a company: The King of Crates – Sustainable building blocks for interior and garden purposes.

Driven by the passion to convert old products and waste into new, useful products, The King of Crates will continue to add more products in the theme of ‘upcycling’ to the current range.

Our crates are

High Quality

Before the crates are shipped/picked up, we (of: The King of Crates) carefully check(s) them for cracks, woodworm and broken planks. This is the only way to guarantee that you will receive our best A-grade crates. With your order you will receive a quality certificate, which includes the person who carried out the inspection, date of control and the stamp of The Crate King.


The crates have been used for years during apple harvests in the country. These crates have contained an average of 15-20kg of apples and can therefore be described as sturdy. This is ideal for interior purposes like storing books, crockery and toys. However, they are also suitable for garden projects such as storage, firewood, flowerpots or as a bench for small children.


The crates usually stand in the fields for a few days during use in the harvest. This makes them tough and able to withstand all weather conditions (snow, rain, sun). With prolonged outdoor exposure, the crates can become darker in colour and thus get a more vintage look.


All the crates have the same measurements and are made for stacking. This means your cupboards will not wobble. However, The King of Crates does recommend to fasten the crates in a few places.

What others have said about the King of Crates

Thanks for proper handling and explanation! Ordered 12 crates to make a cupboard and picked them up by appointment in Groningen. Will be back soon, my wife has many more ideas!
Richard B.

I just want to say that I ordered and am extremely pleased! Extremely good, sturdy quality and very nice appearance and extremely fast shipping. They were also neatly packed, so arrived without a scratch! Thank you.
Lies Cuypers

I bought 10 crates for my vegetable garden project. Added root cloth and potting soil and stacked them nicely on my balcony. I found the boxes very handy for this and of good quality.