When will my order be delivered?

De Kisten Koning tries to deliver your order within 3 to 5 days. This is dependent on the stock of the product and the transport companies.

I have not received all the products from my order?

When you order more than one product it is possible that these are not delivered on the same day. If after two days the other package or packages have not arrived, please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you.

How long is an order on the way to an address outside the Netherlands?

An order, which will be delivered outside the Netherlands, can be 3 to 4 additional days to complete.

Who will deliver my order?

The products will be delivered by DHL, Transmission, DPD or external transport company! You will be notified by a track trace email of the transport service company.

My track & trace code does not work?

It is possible that the track & trace code you received, does not work yet. This is because the package label has not been scanned at the transport terminal. Doesnt work the track & trace code after two days ? Please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you.

Can I pick up the products?

You can pick up our products at our distribution center in Oosterwolde (The Netherlands). To make an appointment, please call or contact via e-mail. Contact details can be found on the contact page.

Shipping & Service costs

What are the shipping costs based on?

Shipping costs are based on the weight and dimensions of the product.

Which additional services are we offering?

Some key words are : Custom made, Logistics, E-commerce, storage, handlings, waste management. Please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you.

Place an order

How do I order?

Placing an order is very simple! Add your products to our online shopping cart. Check the order of the number of products and the type of products. If you are not yet logged in, you can log in or create an account. Enter your address and contact information. Then you can choose a payment option. You can choose to pay via Visa, Paypal and direct bank transfer.

Choose "place order" to complete the order.

Can I still modify an order which already is placed?

An order which has been placed, cannot be changed. It’s very wise to contact us immediately! However, you can cancel the order if it has not been sent by. If you cannot cancel, send any product return or contact our customer service. We are happy to help you.


Can the lightbulbs be replaced?

Some fruit boxes you can buy including pre-mounted lamps. The bulbs can be easily replaced. If the bulbs break down within two months, please contact our customer service. We will send you free new bulbs.